People suffering from varicose veins in Portland might be wondering why this medical problem happens. If you are thinking about varicose vein removal or varicose veins treatment it is important to understand the cause of this health issue before seeking help for varicose veins.

Varicose veins are caused by faulty venous valves. In simple terms, this means that the valve that should keep blood flowing up toward your heart is not functioning properly. Those suffering from varicose veins have venous valves which are not working as a one-way door. Instead, these faulty valves allow blood to flow down to the legs, creating high pressure which ultimately leads to weakened veins which become twisted, swollen and painful.

The faulty venous valves causing varicose veins patients stem from numerous factors. Genetics play a key role in the development of varicose veins, as well as lifestyle, weight, and situational factors such as pregnancy or a sedentary desk job. Varicose veins treatment is generally suitable for people of all backgrounds, however.

Luckily for patients with varicose veins in Portland, there are several options for varicose veins treatment such as our Venefit Procedure. The idea of treatment for veins may seem daunting, but the procedures for varicose veins at our clinic are relatively pain-less, safe, and effective, when done by a qualified professional working with varicose veins.

The Venefit Procedure is a popular and effective vein treatment. This is a simple varicose veins treatment, done right in an office setting and typically covered by insurance and Medicare. A qualified professional treating varicose vein will use radio radiofrequency heat to encourage varicose veins to collapse. Once they have collapsed, varicose veins seal up and are absorbed into the body.

Our varicose veins treatment is relatively painless and most certainly less painful than continuing to deal with varicose veins throughout the course of one’s life.

Now that you understand how varicose veins happen, you may be more inclined to seek out varicose vein treatment. If you are a sufferer of varicose veins in Portland or near the area, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with our clinic specializing in varicose veins. The knowledge and skill our doctor’s and the team can provide is a great way to know you are getting quality varicose veins treatment.


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