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You’ve tried everything. You have made lifestyle changes and exercised. You have worn compression stockings and worked to promote blood flow to your legs. No matter what you do, you still have varicose veins. It’s time to stop messing around and actually seek out one of the cures for varicose veins. The Venefit closure procedure is the best option if you want to say goodbye to those ugly veins for good.

How it Works

If you are looking for a noninvasive varicose vein treatment at a Portland clinic, the Venefit closure procedure might be perfect for you. Instead of stripping the veins, the procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy to eliminate the veins. It heats and contracts the collagen inside of the vein. This, in turn, makes the veins collapse and seal shut.

Benefits of this Varicose Vein Treatment in Portland

A lot of people prefer the Venefit closure procedure over other cures for varicose veins because it is so easy. It’s an outpatient procure and doesn’t require much time for healing. In fact, you can be back to normal in one to two days. In addition, many people walk away from this varicose vein treatment without any scars, while others have minimal scarring.

Most importantly, it provides long lasting relief. You don’t have to worry about the veins popping right back up when you chose the Venefit closure procedure.

Life After Venefit

If you follow some guidelines, you can live free from varicose veins after you get the Venefit closure procedure. Maintain a healthy weight and exercise so you can keep the blood flowing to your legs. You should also elevate your legs throughout the day and avoid spending too much time sitting or standing. In addition, avoid wearing high heels or tight hosiery and eat a diet that is high in fiber and low in salt. If you can do these things, you should not ever have to go back for another varicose veins procedure again.

It’s easy to see why the Venefit closure procedure is considered one of the best cures for varicose veins. If you are sick of suffering from the symptoms of these veins, schedule an appointment with a varicose vein treatment clinic in Portland. Then, get ready to finally say goodbye to those hideous varicose veins, along with all of the uncomfortable symptoms that come with them.


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