Venefit, formerly known as VNUS Closure Procedure, is a non-surgical varicose vein treatment that aims to improve skin appearance while reducing health risks associate with enlarged veins. Venefit uses radio frequency energy to apply heat and contract collagen inside varicose vein walls, causing them to collapse and close off.

Among other benefits, the Venefit procedure:

–       Has very little downtime. Patients can resume normal activities after 3 days.

–       Is minimally invasive and does not require an open surgery.

–       Is done right in our office.

–       Does not leave unsightly scars.

–       Provides long lasting relief from painful symptoms.

–       Is less painful than vein stripping, which makes it a great alternative for treating big varicose veins.

Clinical tests across the US and Europe have proven the effectiveness of Venefit in closing veins and reducing symptoms. Scientific studies have also confirmed that after a year or two of undergoing a Venefit procedure, more than 90 percent of treated varicose veins did not reoccur or cause further problems.

Laser Vein Therapy vs. Venefit

Laser vein therapy is another known varicose vein treatment.  Laser vein therapy works by passing a tiny laser through a catheter placed at the top of a varicose vein. The laser delivers short energy bursts to heat the vein and shut it off. Like Venefit, laser vein therapy is minimally invasive and carried out under local anesthetic. After a laser vein therapy procedure, legs may feel a bit tight and painful, with some bruising, which goes away with time.

Talk to a Vein Doctor

If you’re suffering from varicose vein symptoms and feel the need to undergo any of these medical procedures, consult our office so you will know which treatment is right for you.

After a medical varicose vein procedure such as Venefit, a specialist will advise a patient to:

–       Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks. This includes running, weight lifting, or extended periods of standing.

–       Take pain relief medications if experiencing discomfort.

–       Use a bandage over skin puncture for about a week.

–       Wear compression stockings.

–       Return to the vein center 72 hours after the procedure for a post procedure ultrasound.

Interested in a Venefit procedure? Call our office to know more about Venefit — its risks, and its results.


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