Chronic venous disease, varicose veins and other vein disorders are often immediately visible to sufferers and non-suffers alike, as these conditions twist and distort leg veins in a way that is hard not to notice. But to those who deal with chronic venous disease every day, it is apparent that the problems and symptoms associated with varicose veins are more than skin deep.

Chronic venous disease is not just an aesthetic problem – it causes pain, discomfort, and many challenges for afflicted people. If you are looking for the cure for varicose veins, consider chronic venous insufficiency treatment to get a handle on your varicose veins, for both the cosmetic reasons and to address pain and proper vein function.

Looking beyond the surface of one’s skin, there are many reasons to seek chronic venous insufficiency treatment. Varicose veins carry many symptoms and health risks. You may notice itching, swelling, or discoloration. More advanced or serious cases may involve skin ulcers or even bleeding at the site of varicose veins. One of the most serious complications of chronic venous disease is the development of blood clots, which pose major problems for otherwise healthy individuals.

The cure for varicose veins? It is as simple as an in-office treatment. Sclerotherapy is a popular chronic venous insufficiency treatment that uses non-surgical practices to eradicate troublesome spider veins. A mild irritant solution is injected into problem veins, causing them to collapse and seal themselves shut. These veins are then absorbed into the body, making your deficient veins disappear. This is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can make a huge difference!

Another chronic venous insufficiency treatment, Venefit™ Targeted Endovenous Therapy, uses  heat to create a similar effect. Radiofrequency energy is applied to problem veins, causing them to contract, collapse, and seal, after which blood can resume a normal, healthy path through your legs.

Between painful, uncomfortable symptoms, and the cosmetic problems of chronic venous disease, it is no wonder people are looking for a cure for varicose veins. Talk to an experienced clinic about chronic venous insufficiency treatment, to find out what options are best for your situation. Soon, those problem veins will no longer trouble you, and you can enjoy the comfort and freedom of living without varicose veins.


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