Restless leg syndrome is not just aggravating for sufferers –it can have serious health consequences. Doctors and Vein Specialists say that restless leg syndrome can be downright painful, and that level of pain stops sufferers from getting quality sleep. Exhaustion will impede good health in anyone. How can restless leg syndrome be alleviated? We believe there is a connection between restless leg syndrome and varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by weakened venous valves. When blood pools in the legs, varicose veins pop up. As they are distended, weak, and sore, varicose veins cause a lot of discomfort, which can add to restless leg syndrome symptoms. We suggest seeking treatment for varicose veins – as it may help alleviate the problems of restless leg syndrome. Visiting our clinic for information about the VNUS closure procedure is a good way to get started in addressing both varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. The VNUS closure procedure treats varicose veins through radio frequency energy. Using the VNUS closure procedure, varicose vein doctors insert a thin catheter into varicose veins, using heat to seal varicose veins shut. This reroutes blood to surrounding veins, allowing the treated varicose veins to shrink and be absorbed by the body. Our doctors and team at our clinic can perform the VNUS closure procedure quickly, with minimal pain to the patient. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, and also have varicose veins on your legs, you should contact our clinic today to discuss your treatment options. The VNUS closure procedure is so quick and easy that it is definitely worth looking into –something very simple, done by experienced vein doctors in Portland, can make all the difference in the world for restless leg syndrome patients and those suffering from varicose veins. While you may be surprised to find out that there could be a connection between the two health issues, it is worth exploring every avenue of treatment in order to improve your quality of life, get better sleep, and reduce pain. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, happy, and healthy, including people struggling with varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. Make your health and wellbeing a priority, and talk to our clinic about restless leg syndrome and varicose veins, today.

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