You cannot sleep at night because you have an itch you can’t scratch on your legs. Or, it feels like a tickle, a throbbing, or a muscle ache. Your legs may even move and jump on their own! What is going on? Restless leg syndrome may be the culprit.

Restless leg syndrome symptoms include all of the above, in addition to pain and discomfort in the legs, involuntary movement and jerking. Restless leg syndrome prevents sufferers from ever truly relaxing, as restless leg syndrome usually pops up during quiet, restful times. The more you try to relax, the more likely restless leg syndrome symptoms will creep in.

Of course, people are looking for a way to treat restless leg syndrome symptoms, and the syndrome itself. Rose City Vein Center may be able to help if you are seeking relief from RLS. This is because restless leg syndrome is sometimes accompanied by vein conditions.

Varicose veins, venous reflux, and other vein problems make restless leg syndrome symptoms worse. Itchy, burning veins mixed with jumpy and restless legs are not a good combination! We can help by treating underlying vein conditions to help alleviate restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Seeking treatment can make a big difference in reducing restless leg syndrome symptoms. There is no need for people with restless leg syndrome to deal with pain, discomfort, and reduced sleep quality. All restless leg syndrome symptoms can be treated!

Along with visiting our clinic to address any vein issues dealing with restless leg syndrome symptoms, your doctor may also prescribe pharmacologic treatment to address restless leg syndrome. Some physical treatments like stretching and exercise can also help. All of these things can also be done in conjunction with treatment from our clinic.

Every set of restless leg syndrome symptoms is different and every treatment will be different based on your own needs. Contact us today to get a clear picture of your treatment options, including the treatment of venous disorders. You’ll be glad you did!


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