Spider veins are minor forms of varicose veins, mostly close to the surface of the skin on the face, breasts, and legs. A quick Google search will reveal various spider vein treatment methods, from natural ways like exercising and losing weight, to wearing compression stockings, getting frequent massages, taking antioxidants, uncrossing legs, to sophisticated medical procedures like Sclerotherapy.


Sclerotherapy is an effective spider vein treatment, and is actually considered by many as the de facto remedy. Carried out by a certified vein center in Portland, this spider vein treatment works by aggravating the spider vein linings to the point where they collapse, causing them to be absorbed by the body and completely disappear.

A typical sclerotherapy session in a vein clinic goes like this: the doctor injects a sclerosant into the veins using a very small needle. The sclerosant irritates the vein’s inner lining, resulting in closure. After the veins close, they stop carrying blood, and the veins disappear with time. This spider vein treatment can be done in a vein clinic. Many patients who have had sclerotherapy report very satisfying results with very minimal discomfort.

Sclerotherapy cost varies from patient to patient. A consultation with a doctor at a vein center will give a patient an opportunity to learn more about sclerotherapy costs. A typical vein surgery often costs about $3,000. Sclerotherapy cost is typically between $300-400 per session. The same vein may need to be treated multiple times for optimal results. Sclerotherapy cost will vary per individual and whether your doctor will charge a set fee or charge per vein treated. If you are considering this treatment, talk to a doctor in a vein center in Portland about the results you want to achieve.

Spider veins may be a sign of an underlying problem, talk to a vein doctor about your options.


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