For patients stuck with painful, annoying varicose vein symptoms, doctors often suggest vein injections as a method of treatment for spider veins. To get rid of your painful or unsightly spider veins, a clinic specializing in vein injections will use a procedure like sclerotherapy, through which spider veins are removed and reduced in a minimally invasive manner.

In dealing with spider veins in patients, vein injections play a huge role, as an affordable choice. For busy patients, this type of treatment offers a quick, minimally invasive appointment, after which most patients are able to return to work and other every day activities without having to take extra time off for recovery. In fact, most people are encouraged to walk around and stay active following vein injections!

Vein injections are a great choice for many sufferers of spider veins , but just to be sure, you should consider these factors before scheduling treatment.

Women who are pregnant should not receive vein injections until several months after delivery, and those who are breastfeeding may also not be good candidates until weaning has taken place. Other health indicators that could contraindicate vein injections include a history of blood clots, cardiovascular issues, and skin infections.

What medications do you take? If you are being prescribed prednisone you should talk to your healthcare provider about reducing or stopping your dosage before vein injections, as this particular medication can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Other problematic medications include anti-inflammatory drugs and some forms of antibiotics, so be sure to tell your vein doctor about medications you are on.

Because not everyone is a good candidate for vein injections it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with your vein doctor as soon as you begin to consider vein injections to treat your varicose vein symptoms. Vein clinic practitioners know what to look for to determine if each patient is able to undergo vein injections, and can help you make any necessary changes that could make your treatment more effective.

Vein injections are one of the best ways to address vein pain and other symptoms of vascular deficiency, so it is well worth making an appointment to discuss your options. If it all works out you will be on your way to a life free from varicose veins and spider veins in no time!


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